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As Mayor, I will ensure:

  • Keep Councils priority focus on core responsibilities

  • Ensure Nelson is an affordable & vibrant place to live and grow kids

  • Responsible financial management. No more unsustainable rates rises

  • Improve housing stock by resourcing and streamlining consent process

  • Care of our environment and all communities

  • No to the confiscation of your 3 waters assets

  • Will reverse the $47m unwanted Library project

  • No to political and self interest agendas

  • Re-prioritise investment in flood protection and core services 

  • Focus on social, economic, and environmental wellbeing

  • Revitalise our local arts, heritage and cultural initiatives

  • Genuine public engagement and bringing back Annual Plan Consultation 

  • Improving our sports and recreation facilities for all of our community

  • Improve parking and accessibility to our local businesses

  • Yes to a team of councillors led by strong leadership to get better results

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